Saturn Icarus - Work in progress retro inspired first person shooter

Don't get me wrong the latest Doom release is a damn fine game, but in all honesty I prefer playing the much older types, the original Wolfenstein 3D or in fact the original Doom released back in the early 90's. So it stands to reason why I just had to play Mischa's first person retro inspired game ' Saturn Icarus ', that's available to download on the PC. Please be aware however that it is a work in progress title and as such a lot of what makes these games so good is missing.

The first thing that strikes you when playing Saturn Icarus is just how close the game looks to the classic first person shooters of the 90s, from the graphics to the gun in hand gameplay it's just lovely to pick up and play. But there are issues with the game as it is a work in progress! Your ammo runs out and doesn't replenish, even when you pick up ammo and when the ammo runs out, your guns turn into fists and you can't do much else. Furthermore the AI is a bit off as sometimes they feel like a challenge and other times they are a bit dumb. But still if you can look past the alpha there's certainly a fun game there.

But if you're still not happy, the developer has said the future plans involve, a basic inventory system, chests, level select, options and pause screens, NPC's, boss levels and even music. So I can't wait and hope it gets finished :)

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