Super Robin - AmigaPD platformer for the Amiga CD32 and any 2 meg Amiga

AmigaPD has been busy these last few years as after releasing Kingdoms of Steam and teasing Dylan the Spaceman, they've now gone and released ' Super Robin ' for the Amiga CD32 and any Amiga with 2meg ram. Developed using the Reality Game engine, this 31 level full game has you playing as a puffed up Robin that has to collect all the fruit in the different zones to move onto the next.

But to add to the difficulty, each zone is filled with enemies, spikes and dangerous hot lava flows that you have to avoid, or you'll end up starting right back at the beginning. But unlike the previous game we previewed you don't have to recollect all the fruit, so that makes it so much easier. Super Robin is a cute game for all the family, with the downside being the main sprite can only face forward which I believe is due to sprite collision.

Erik Hogan created the menu select screen for the attached CD32 version
Simone Bernacchia has provided the in game music for the full game version - the other music provided for the different zones under the practice option have been taken from the Assassins Public Domain disk

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