Pinball Dreams - Fantastic Amiga game coming to the Amstrad CPC

Some more Amstrad CPC news and news that will blow your mind, is the incredible Pinball game ' Pinball Dreams ' is coming to the Amstrad CPC! Oh yes indeed, from the creators of the eye popping scene demo Batman Forever ' Batman Group ', will bringing the Amiga game to life on the 8bit system with a possible October release date. But that is not all, as according to the team, whereas Batman Forever demo used 60% of the Amstrad CPC potential, Pinball Dreams will only use 40%!

According to RetroManiac via Google Translation: "Batman Group has chosen a classic 16-bit quite special. It is Pinball Dreams , Commodore Amiga game that has been chosen precisely because of the special characteristics. "is a classic game that appeals to almost everyone" but also "is a game for all and requires physical of some complexity and a graphic capacity above the normal 8 - bit machines, factors ideal to bring out some of the qualities of the CPC ".

The art style will be created using Perfect Pix, which allows to have Amiga screens like the ones used on it, in mode 1 on CPC with a tons more colors than the 16 colors you can have normally 

Batman Group continues to insist on demonstrating that the machine was totally wasted during the commercial life of it. And we warn. "Although it will be the game technically advancing CPC to date, is still far from reaching the true potential of Amstrad According to our estimates, Pinball Dreams will use around 40% of the potential, Batman Forever will be around 60 % while the classic commercial software rarely exceeded 10%. " The hype is sky - so that October is just around the corner ... 

So there you have it something that is well worth keep an eye on, especially once those gaming screen shots are released. But for now, it's probably best to follow the CPCWiki forums as Google Translations are not always the best :)

Links : 1) Source 2) Translated

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