Family Circuit - JP Famicom racer fully translated into English

Famicom owners will be pleased with the news today, as the Japanese 1988 racing game ' Family Circuit ' has been fully translated into English by Jink640 and team. Designed by Masanobu Endoh the same creator of Xevious and published by Namco, this is a top down F1 racing game which is accessible to players of all ages as they have to race to the top of the screen and come first place. Cars can be customised but you cannot crash into other racers, only into objects along the track such as barriers.

Another interesting fact about Family Circuit other than it being one of the first games published for the Famicom, is the way the game portrays a looped racing circuit. Instead of moving around a circuit as you would do in real life, everything is continuously moving upward just as it does in a top down shooter, for example Xevious. Overall the game is fun with a rather cool soundtrack, but I'd rather smash into cars and knock them out of the race on a proper looking track, but then that's just my evil side and I don't care about penalties :p ( Remember Indy 500 on the Amiga? ).

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