WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 11 - Another Amiga Emulator beta update!

Over this weekend Toni Wilen was once again hard at work on the best Amiga emulator WinUAE, which has now reached a new beta version of WinUAE 3.4.0 beta 11. Usually we mention every version that has been released but it seems many different issues had cropped up and multiple beta's were released all in the space of one week. Today's update for example has a number of changes with one of them being " Added generic Z2/Z3 autoconfig support to expansion.cpp ". So for further information see the changelog below.

Beta 11:

- Added generic Z2/Z3 autoconfig support to expansion.cpp. Previously each expansion type needed own separate autoconfig handling.
- Ariadne II added but not yet working. Drivers require working 9346 EEPROM chip. (RTL8029 is NE2000 clone with some extra features)
- Any archive mounted as a harddrive: skip files with zero length file names.
- LZX archive mounted as a harddrive: archives inside LZX archive didn't always unpack and zero size files failed to open.
- Genlock custom video file, capture device and image file support fully implemented. GUI support added. Uses obsolete DirectShow SampleGrabber method which is not necessarily supported with all video files/capture devices. Image support requires png image files. Scaling is simple integer scaling. Genlock display changes to blue if image, video or capture device fails to open. Capture option uses default capture device. You may get few seconds of blue genlock screen before capture/video initializes fully. Maximum pointlessness feature level reached!
- uaesnd updates. It can play sound for the first time.
- Test compilation with Visual Studio 15 Preview 5.

Links : 1) Discussion 2) 32bit 3) 64bit

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