Let's Invade and Zombi Preview - 25th anniversary of ExCeSs with two C64 game previews

Today is the 25th anniversary of the C64 cracking group and sceners ExCeSs, and in celebration of 25 years of many great C64 releases, they have made available two tiny C64 previews, Let's Invade and Zombi. Although not much is known about the two games in terms of development, Zombi is a top down Zombie avoiding game provided by Red Rock and Tadpole of Excess, and Let's Invade is a space invaders game with a twist written by Richard Bayliss

As it's getting very close to Halloween, the first game that I just had to play was of course Zombi. In this game you control a human that has to collect as many potions as possible and avoid the Zombies before he can move on to the next more difficult level. If he doesn't collect any potions or he gets touched by a Zombie with no potions collected, it's a game over.

Now I'm not sure why potions are needed, but I can only assume it's to stop him from turning into one of the undead. But as for the gameplay, it's actually rather enjoyable especially with an ever increasing Zombie amount... Oh and the music is VERY GOOD!

And now on the next game and everyone must've seen the 1978 game Space Invaders or at least the more modern versions of it. But if you haven't, it is an arcade shooter developed by Tomohiro Nishikado and your task was to defeat waves of aliens and earn as many points as possible, while trying to avoid being shot at or touched by the slowly lowering waves.

And that is pretty much what Let's Invade is all about, albeit with much bigger Alien ships and a great game over soundtrack. However when it comes to the twist, you might want to hold out for the full version which will have new levels, power up Aliens, new presentations and much more listed in the brilliant cracktro by Excess! Overall a decent preview, but I'd prefer smaller Alien ships and small backgrounds as the tower blocks blend in with the enemies a little too well.

Links : 1) Zombi Source 2) Zombi Download 3) Let's Invade Source 4) Let's Invade Download

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