Red Baron 3000 Preview - Onslaught teases a C64 game that could've been awesome

Throughout this week a few previews had appeared that didn't really take to my fancy, but one such C64 game called Red Baron 3000 Preview, took me completely by surprise. Released by Onslaught earlier on today, Red Baron 3000 is a top scrolling shooter with very impressive graphical effects and simultaneous music and sfx. According to GTW, this game was by Hein Holt who was inspired by the parallax effects of Flimbos Quest and Hawkeye 2, but sadly was cancelled when a major rework was required to try and free up more memory for the game.

It's such a shame Red Baron 3000 was cancelled as from my short playthrough it was beginning to look and sound like one of the most impressive C64 shooters I've ever played. Right from the word go, the music thumps and the parallax effects with a powerful spinning spaceship was there to impress. But all that was to end, as just a short trip of blasting multiple enemy types, a giant purple screen came down and the game repeated.

And that is pretty much all there is to the game, bar the impressive short tease, you can just tell the game was unfinished as it's missing so much to even keep the joystick held for longer than 10mins. So I really hope someone, somewhere will be able to complete as I'd be hooked.

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