Tails Adventure SMS Deluxe - GG2SMS patch overhauled on the Sega Master System

It's time for the Sega Master System to shine, as a user by the name of freezingicekirby is overhauling the original GG2SMS patch for the Sonic the Hedgehog game spin off 'Tails Adventure'. First released in 1995 for the Sega Game Gear with platforming and role playing elements, was later unofficially ported over to the Sega Master System via a rom patch. The problem was the game ended up looking glitchy and generally unfinished, at least until now. Welcome to Tails Adventure - SMS Deluxe.

According to Freezingicekirby "the purpose of this project is to try and improve the GG2SMS patch and make the game look as authentic as possible. When the game is converted to a Master System rom, you see things you were never meant to see before, such as the game looking messed up, or incomplete at times. This patch fixes all (if not, most) of these instances, so it looks like this was how the game was meant to be played all along".

In fact looking through the discussion thread with all the changes that have been made to the original patch, it's pretty eye opening to see what has been done so far. Changes such as water animations in Cavern Island, different colours with certain enemies, Remote Robot to resemble the T-Pup from the comics, adjusted camera boundary and/or warp triggers, fixed broken palette within Tails' House and much much more that made it into version 1.5. Thus if you have the original Tails Adventure Game Gear rom and want to play it on a Sega Master System, I'd highly recommend downloading the very latest Deluxe update which can be found in the thread linked below.

Links : 1) Source 2) v1.5 ( Install instructions are in the download )

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