Heart Of The Alien Redux Amiga v1.0 - Another World sequel as an Amiga port gets an Amiga CD32 beta release

Only just recently the Amiga community was blown away by the announced release of the Sega CD exclusive ' Heart of the Alien ' appearing on the Amiga as an incredible port known as ' Heart Of The Alien Redux Amiga V1.0. The sequel to the amazing 1991 Delphine Software ' Another World ', but instead was developed by Interplay Entertainment. Was fully ported over with everything intact, including cutscenes, gameplay, sound and even music. But yet there was another system it wasn't ported to and that was the Amiga CD32, which today thankfully has actually appeared as a beta optimized release by the hard work of DJM and sharing of Earok.

You may wonder why the Amiga CD32 version wasn't released with the redux version, that's because when people actually tried to port it over, it was painfully slow on stock settings, hence the reason the recommendation for the Amiga port was with an accelerator. However this week Earok posted on the EAB forums (link) an Akiko optimized version was in the works thanks to DJM. As he noted below:

"The game uses C2P for rendering so we've been testing builds using the Akiko for that, and we've seen a big FPS increase. Currently with the test build, cutscenes can still drop down to 50% framerate but ingame framerate is either at or close to 100%. 

(Note that this optimisation is only for CD32 of course, and won't benefit regular Amigas. Even SX32 type addons tend to break Akiko support)

CD32 pad support, which essentially functions the same as the Mega Drive pad (Run/Whip/Jump Forward/Pause are all on discrete buttons"

But that's not all, as of right now, the CD32 version was made available as a BETA, with as we mentioned before Akiko optimizations but also faithful Sega CD controls, a patch for CD audio playback on a real CD32, and as a special bonus, provided is the original US edition of Out of this world, patched to have the password menu accessible from the blue button.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the discussion forum for updates or the download link to start playing on your CD32. Be aware, there may be bugs but this is the best you're going to get today!

Links : 1) Discussion 2) Download 3) Beta 2 Download

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