MS-DOS Games in 1991 - A retro trip back in time by DOS Nostalgia

When I was growing up I used to love playing games such as Dizzy on my Amstrad and then much later the Amiga spending entire summer holidays on games such as Dragons Breath, Deuteros and Monkey Island on my Amiga 500. What a golden era of gaming, that for its time couldn't be beat, at least not until MS-DOS came about anyway especially with all those incredible titles that were to follow. I mean seriously, getting a 386 or a 486 from your dad with a turbo button and playing Strike Commander or Lands of Lore with fully digitised speech was a joy to behold! Thus in celebration of some of those MS-DOS games, DOS nostalgia has done an hour length video featuring MS-DOS games from 1991.

For anyone who was a gamer during the 90s will most likely remember typing in commands such as C:\ and Run Game.bat or at worse fiddling with the autoexec file to get games to run at all. So watching this video will certainly bring back those gaming memories, with games such as Commander Keen, Police Quest, Monkey Island 2, GODS, Castles and many more without the hassle of actually getting them to run. Thankfully though if you do want to play these games again and don't want to mess about getting them to work through windows, at least you've got GOG to thank :)

Q) Amiga owners, can you spot how many games appeared on the Amiga as well?

Links : 1) Twitter 2) GOG ( The best place for buying old games )

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