Out Live - A Dungeon Crawling Turbografx-16 English translation

Yet again here we are mentioning another Dungeon Crawler style game, but this time we wont be featuring a band of adventurers looking for loot in some far off cavern, but a Sci-Fi crawler fully English translated on the Turbografx-16 by Nebulous Translations. Now you've probably never heard of this one, but this is 'Out Live' by Sunsoft; a first person mech/robot controlling experience through 3D tunnels that was released way back in 1989 in Japan. According to Romhacking, You start your journey on planet Lafura (you’re investigating your friend’s disappearance) with 1000 credits, 1000 life units and a vulcan gun and must blast your way through dangerous zones!

Before delving into each dungeon however, the player does have access to a number of shops, where it is possible to repair your robotic mech, buy weapons and items that also restore your energy. The game plays very similar to other dungeon crawlers we've mentioned before with random enemies that must be fought in a turn-based fashion.


1) Use the name of your mech when you input the password, otherwise the password won’t work! To put it simple, the name is a part of the password and should be the same.

2) This game has a graphical glitch on the last boss screen (and possibly in some other place we aren’t aware of). You can trigger it by accessing the status screen during the battle, and it’s not gamebreaking to our knowledge. We’re not sure whether it’s an emulation glitch or not, so we left it as is. If you experience it on some emulator, or have a save where the original game works correctly and our translation doesn’t - please let us know.

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