Street Fighter II 128K - The latest CPC edition with new AI implementation teased

Indie Retro News has been keeping you up to date with the latest developments with the impressive looking homebrew remake of Street Fighter II titled ' Street Fighter II - CPC Edition ', which as we said before in a number of articles is being developed by DaDMaN, McKlain and AugustoRuiz for the Amstrad CPC 6128 (128Kb RAM). Well you'll pleased to know after numerous updates another video has appeared today showing the first AI implementation with both players computer controlled.

Although this video does not have sound or music, nor are the colours particularly bright but rather dull and dark, it does show us just how smooth the fighting in the game is (which is impressive for an 8-bit Street Fighter on the CPC), but also a working countdown, score table and damage indicator.

For further discussion visit the source below :)

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