ENEMY 2 Collectors Edition - The sequel to a bloody Amiga shooter is available in boxed form!

In 1997, which is very late in the Amiga's life time, Anachronia released the bloody action shooter ENEMY : Tempest of Violence as an exclusive for the Amiga system. It is a very rare and brilliant game that was very similar in style to that other classic Flashback, but also very close to the style of Blizzard's PC platformer Black Thorne, but with far more action and gore. Regarded by those that played it as a ver under appreciated Amiga game, sadly only relatively few copies were sold because of the state of the Amiga market and so we never had the chance to play a sequel, at least until now.

Launched yesterday for the Amiga is the official Enemy 2 collectors edition, which is the sequel to the epic first game from way back in 1997. Thanks to the motivation of a forum member by the name of  'David' on the EAB forums he had contacted the original developer André Wüthrich, and after much back and forth between them, with new levels designed by Crack, André finally agreed to make the sequel happen.

As is quite often with old game projects from the nineties, the original source was lost. The level editor was rebuilt and the original hardware requirements kept and a four year project began to create the new sequel, with new and more complex puzzles and improved graphics, Enemy 2 was released as a free download in 2013.

(Old Footage)

But now after many requests from the fans, André and Crack have been able to produce a physical box collectors edition with cover art by Ogan Kandemiroglu, manual and new Double Density floppy disks.

The best part is that it will run on any Amiga with a later than 1.2 kickstart and 1Mb RAM (which is basically any upgraded A500 or better! And They are only asking for €15 plus shipping from Germany

Source: EAB forum thread
Order from: Anachronia website

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