Tina's Adventure Island - MSX game developed over the years available for pre-order! (+Demo)

This week just gets better and better as after mentioning two NES games high on the play-ability scale, Imanok has announced his seriously cool looking platformer ' Tina's Adventure Island ' which is now available for pre-order in cartridge form for the MSX with a promo demo. Developed over several years, this game has the essence of classic oldschool MSX games with a very strong inspiration to that of the great Arcade title Wonderboy.

Thanks to the availability of the promo demo, I was able to play this game using the MSX emulator Bluemsx which gave me a good teaser of what is to come in the final version. It certainly does have that Wonderboy charm, with side scrolling arcade action, avoiding enemies or attacking them, the collecting of fruit and the look of the palm tree's making me feel like I was on some warm tropical island just like that classic game. There are many differences however which makes this game unique and that isn't just the cool music, is the lowering vitality levels which means you need to keep eating, and the shop owner at the end giving you the chance to buy new weapons and other cool stuff.

Overall Tina's Adventure Island is a lovely game to play and the music is a joy to listen to, the only downside I can think of so far in this promo is the smoothness of the scrolling, which for me wasn't very good as it's very jerky indeed. So let's just hope that it is either the cause of the game being emulated or it's just me being too fussy.

Links : 1) Source 2) Download

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