The Banketh - The Video Game - NES Arcade Adventure gets a demo aims for crowdfunding

RetroNES software has contacted us regarding their new Arcade Adventure NES game, ' The Banketh '. Which is being programmed in C with the Shiru´s library NESlib and is available to play as a Demo, with a crowdfunding campaign now ongoing to turn it into a fully fledged game with cartridge, box, instructions, and protective case. In this game you must rescue your four friends through the city of Santander(real place) from the menacing mutant monsters and then finally the chief of the mutants.

According to the developer throughout the game you will play through many different levels that make a connection between the previous ones. Such as the first level is a culvert, the second level is an office, the third level is a park, the fourth level is a cargo ship, and the fifth level is an old street. Also between each level, a motorcycle must be mounted to overcome some obstacles to reach the next. In regards to the level designs they will also contain riddles or secrets that need to be discovered to overcome the objective, whether keys, buttons or anything else that is hidden.

With all that said, it might be worth checking out the game site for further information, such as the complete video game pack plus beer La Grúa, who will make a special run of his Australian Pale Ale with the video game cover The Banketh in its labeling!

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