Argus - Dungeon Crawling style C64/128 Adventure gets new gameplay footage

Once again it's time to mention the C64/C128 this week as Trevor Story has shown off the latest gameplay updates for their in development Adventure game in a Dungeon Crawler style of  ' Argus ', which will be released by Psytronik Software at some point soon. Coded by Achim Volkers, music and sfx by Saul Cross, art and design by Trevor Storey, and with a design flavour of the classic Psygnosis game 'Obitus' (hence the image above). This game will have you exploring new locations and battling mighty foes with a multitude of weapons.

Currently the game is still at a work in progress state, but already from our first mention the game has come along really well with some fantastic locations to be visited and strange creatures to fight. As of this moment we don't have a release date, but it would be worth your time visiting their Facebook page linked (Here)

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