Dark Destroyer 2117 - Top scrolling C64 shoot em up features music by Richard Bayliss

We are moving away from Amstrad and C64 ports, as now it's time to look towards a new game on the C64, as S.E.U.C.K. Trainers United has announced the release of the SEUCK game ' Dark Destroyer 2117 ', which was coded by Sensible Software and has been designed including the graphics, as well as enhancements, music, and sfx by Richard Bayliss. In this game you play as the controller of a number of Drones, that have been sent to defend the Earth from a mighty Alien hostile planet known as the Destroyer which is hurtling towards Earth!

Your mission is to fly across a number of zones and destroy all the Alien waves that are coming your way, but be warned at the end of it all, there are big bosses that will really put your shoot em up skills to the test. This is one challenging game as bullets will go in all directions, the enemies are deadly and after the fourth zone you need to destroy the planet once and for all... Dark Destroyer 2117 is a cool game and once again features top quality music by Richard Bayliss!

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