Super Mario Kart Reversed n' Remixed - A complete reversal of a fantastic classic SNES game!

If you've never heard of Super Mario Kart, then I guess you were living in a cave, as this game series which first appeared in 1992 on the SNES, was one of the greatest arcade style racing games ever to appear on a TV screen. Starring many famous characters such as Mario and Princess Peach, it put you and possibly your friends in control of your very own Kart, racing around a colorful track, picking up power ups, and being knocked about like some crazed bumper kart. Well you'll be pleased to learn as of today, Joseph Marshall has released the Super Mario Kart Reversed n' Remixed Hack, which doesn't just make the game playable in reverse but tweaks the game too!

Yes indeed, this rom hack is a complete reverse hack for all 20 original super Mario kart tracks, which means if you wanted to play the game with a fresh feel you can as the tracks are played in reverse. Also in terms of the remix to inject new life into the original game, the graphics, names of the cups, tracks and characters have also been changed, with track layouts slightly modified for the AI drivers to complete the courses. In all this is a fantastic release for lovers of the original, and almost makes it feel like an entirely new game, just be aware there may be new starting areas as it may have caused issues if this hadn't been changed.

A patching program such as beat or Floating IPS  may be needed to add the hack/patch to the main Super Mario Kart Rom, which isn't available here.

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