Eskimo Bob - The NES is getting a new game but it needs to be a Kickstarter success

Tomas Guinan has recently launched a Kickstarter for a new game that may be coming to a NES near you. Titled as 'Eskimo Bob', this puzzle platformer is based around a series of flash cartoons that were popular on Newsgrounds in the early 2000's, which was also in part created by Tomas Guinan. A series that many have loved, and also filled with references to classic Nintendo games, is now going to be apart of the NES library, as a spirit to the original series with a Kickstarter launch to bring this glorious cart to production.

According to the creator, this game is an arcade-style puzzle-platformer with 64 levels, 15 enemy types, two playable characters, two support characters, and a fully functional password system allowing you to save your progress the good old-fashioned way. Also as a goal of the game, you must collect all the fish in the levels using up to two playable characters Bob and Alfonzo, with each having their own differences in abilities that need to be wisely used to get through each level.

But if picking up fish isn't enough for you, then how about dealing with all the enemies in the game, as well as using a few friends for a helping hand, such as the walrus that can be used as a platform to help you reach a place where you couldn't normally jump! And that's just a taster of what this game has to offer, and to be honest even though I haven't heard of the series on Newsgrounds before, I'd gladly support Eskimo Bob to be a Kickstarter success for both the fans and to bring this charming game to the NES.

Links : 1) Kickstarter 2) NES Demo

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