WinUAE 3.4.1 Beta 8 - The best Amiga emulator gets a new update!

The latest Amiga news to end the week, as Toni Wilen has once again announced a new Amiga emulator beta as ' WinUAE 3.4.1 Beta 8', which has even more fixes over from the previous version. This new release which as always is sure to be updated throughout the year, has a number of changes such as Comspec SA-1000 RTC emulation, PC bridgeboard NE2000 boot crash fix, A2386SX 1.00.03 ROM and more. But as ever please see the changelog for further details.

Beta 8:

- Blitter BDAT register's old content was not preserved and shifted in when BDAT was rewritten with CPU or copper and current B-shift was non-zero. (Probably never used by purpose but emulation still should be always correct)
- 68010+ RTE didn't generate format error exception if frame was not supported by selected CPU but it was supported by other 680x0 model and CPU emulation mode was not MMU or more compatible.
- Added Comspec SA-1000 RTC emulation. Always returns current host time, time registers are not writable.
- Built-in HRTMon 2.37 update.
- Added two A2088T BIOS 4.0 (390657-01) ROM versions with different internal date (09/11/89 and 14/11/89).
- Added A2386SX 1.00.03 ROM.
- PC bridgeboard NE2000 boot crash fix. (Introduced when NIC specific MAC setting was added)
- Adjusted windowed mode mouse clipping so that when winuae window is partially under taskbar (including auto hide taskbar or partially outside of monitor, Amiga mouse won't randomly hit hidden borders (if Windows Mouse mode) or become unexpectedly uncaptured (any mode, window partially under taskbar).
- Do not delay SCSI/ATAPI emulation audio CD play state change from startup to playing. Only CD32/CDTV require it.

Links : 1) Source 2) 32bit 3) 64bit

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