Amiga Forever 7 - Cloanto has OFFICIALLY released a big update for its Amiga emulation package

Unlike our previous news release which turned out to be a leaked post from an actual EAB staff member, this time Cloanto have OFFICIALLY released a new update version of Amiga Forever as Amiga Forever 7 . Regarded as one of the top Amiga emulation software packages for the home computer and also from the same team behind C64 Forever, this latest version brings it bang up to scratch with a large list of fixes and improvements that you really should be updating to if you want the very best in Amiga preservation, emulation and support packages! As in their words : Amiga Forever 7 closes the circle between gaming, productivity and preservation of digital culture while adding new features and providing access to a universe of free and legal downloads.

According to the main site, the new editions are the result of more than 18 months of uninterrupted work since the previous major release. The active code base now consists of more than half a million lines written by Cloanto, in addition to OS components and independent open source modules of which Cloanto too is a grateful and active contributor. Furthermore new features include the ability to autostart the PC into any Amiga configuration, enhanced PowerPC emulation support, custom content folders and playlists, and a "playerless" title playback, preview, editing experience and much more!

Core Features :
  • New playlists, with ability to add custom content folders and to change the location of builtin Amiga Files
  • Option to autostart PC into favorite Amiga configuration (or CBM 8-bit, if C64 Forever is installed too)
  • Titles can be run from Windows File Explorer without opening the main Amiga Forever player, adding to previous playerless preview and editing capabilities
  • Enhanced PowerPC emulation features
  • General and title-specific game controller personalization, including support for Xbox, X-Arcade and I-PAC controllers, virtual buttons and arbitrary keyboard layouts
  • Additional input features: left-handed support, configurable autofire (also with separate fire) and merging of multiple game controllers and keyboard layouts into single emulated hardware
  • All systems support "Type Clipboard" and automatic Unicode-aware mapping of typed and pasted text, also when the PC and emulated Amiga keyboard layouts do not match
  • Improved high-DPI support and multi-monitor options
  • New and improved media features: pervasive RDB disk support, shared drives, deployable large disk images, etc.
  • Massively improved authoring and playback capabilities, as part of a project that reached more than 500,000 lines of code (not counting open source modules, in which we are active contributors as well)
  • Update checks are now over HTTPS (TLS) and are combined with digital signature verifications for enhanced integrity, confidentiality and security
  • Improved security sandbox
  • Numerous other new features and refinements (performance, audio, WHDLoad and AROS updates, Rescan, Build Image, dynamic warning triangles, new Facebook Graph API, visualization of RP9 manifest changes, etc.)
Links  : 1) Source 2) Press Release

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