Who Dares Wins - Retro classic as a remake on the MSX2 is finished!

Way back in 1985 Alligator Software was supposed to officially release 'Who Dares Wins' for the C64 but according to gamesthatwerent this game played very closely to Commando and thus was stopped by Elite. However many have mentioned that this game did appear and certain gamers did get their hands on it. But the news of today isn't for the C64, it's actually for the MSX2, as the Who Dares Wins remake is officially finished and will be sold coinciding with the 51st Barcelona MSX users meeting next weekend for a price of 35€

But that's not all as this isn't just any remake by RetroForce but will be a much improved game with overhauled graphics and character details redesigned in Screen 5 mode, a 2 player mode, visual stages between missions, 3 levels of difficulty and further extras you'll just have to wait to find out when it's fully available for order through the msxcartridgeshop!

Links : 1) Source   2) Twitter 3) Shop 4) Gameplay Footage

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