Feud +6DGF - A personal favourite is NTSC fixed and trainered via C64

One game that really stood out for me in the 80's and a game that is buried deep into my brain for all time, is Binary Design's and published by Bulldog Software's fighting sorcerers game ' Feud ', which has since been updated by Hokuto Force on the C64. This game that star'd two powerful twin sorcerers who hated each other named as Learic and Leanoric. Required the player to collect ingredients to mix into a cauldron to create defensive and offensive spells to defeat Leanoric, who had cast an aging curse on Learic and is also still out to get you.

Although it wasn't until much later until I figured out how to play the game, Feud is one of those old titles you would find hard to put down. It gave me many fond memories as a child, especially with its unique charm as you could create powerful spells with herbs to either kill your opponent such as fireballs and lightning, or even being able to turn the villagers into zombies. But saying that though, there is one part of the game, whereby you'll need to avoid a dangerous gardener who has a few interesting herbs in his garden that you may need to create some of the more powerful spells.

Thankfully if the game is too difficult however, you can check out the latest Hokuto Force release, which not only has an additional trainer, but adds in a Speccy Pic and is NTSC fixed!

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