New game arrivals on the AtariAge store for the Atari 2600, 5200, and 7800 consoles!

Do you have a stash of cash to spend and are a bit bored of playing the same old games on your 80's consoles? Then you might be interested to know that AtariAge is selling a bucketload of new games for the Atari 2600, 5200, and 7800 consoles. Games such as Anguna, Assembloids, Drive, The Gizzle Wap : the Strange Red Tree, LEM, Panky The Panda, Ratcatcher, Crystal Quest, Super Circus Atarage, T:me Salvo and even our personal favourite which we mentioned before 'Scramble'.

There's just so many to pick as a game to play it would drive most retro heads insane, but if you want to buy a game that has to be played right now, especially if you have an Atari 2600, then go for Scramble which is a fantastic game based on the classic arcade version. You'll be flying your spaceship through tight caves and over landscapes, while being attacked by launched rockets, ufo's and other such nasties while also trying not to get your ship blown into smithereens. If you can avoid or destroy these hazards and not run out of fuel, you should be able to reach the end stage and destroy the enemy base... A game NOT TO BE MISSED!

Atari 2600

Anguna - Defeat the Goblin King in this Zelda-like fantasy action-adventure for the 2600.
Assembloids 2600 - An addictive, fast-paced reaction game for the whole family and high score fanatics!
Drive! - Escape the crumbling temple with your treasure, driving over the bridge as fast as you can!
The Gizzle Wap - You must remove the Strange Red Tree and defeat the Invicta!
L.E.M. - The L.E.M. never failed in any mission assigned to it. Can you keep its record untarnished?
Panky the Panda - Your brother has been kidnapped by poachers -- can you save him in time?
Scramble - How far can you invade our Scramble system?

Atari 5200

Ratcatcher - The city sewer has been overrun by nasty critters, grab some friends and clean it out!

Atari 7800

Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest - Defeat Berthilda again in your quest to find all the Crystals of Life!
Super Circus AtariAge - Big Doings Under The Big Top! How good are your reflexes?
T:ME Salvo - Far into the future, save the Eloi from the evil Morlocks!

Links : 1) Source 2) Scramble

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