The Atari ST and the Creative People Vol 1 - An awesome Atari ST book is now available

Way back in 2016 we mentioned a great Kickstarter that gave the Atari ST priority over other systems we have spoken about countless times before, such as the C64, Spectrum and even the Amiga. This Kickstarter was a crowd funding campaign for 'The Atari ST and the Creative People: Anthology'; A Marco A. Breddin book that according to the creator is a captivating Demoscene story of a European swarm intelligence, which fought against a truly limited 16-bit machine to create an exceptional style of digital art. Well you'll be pleased to know that Vol 1 is now available to buy and will be shipped within 5 - 10 days!

The first book 1984 – 1990 , from digital underground wizards to magic game developers, is a narrated journey through the Atari ST Demoscene – an important subcultural phenomenon in the era of home computers with a number of fast paced motion designs captured on paper for the first time. Furthermore there are also memories of the makers from groups like The Exceptions, The Carebears, The Lost Boys, Overlanders, Gigabyte Crew, TNT, Respectables and even ST NEWS. And that is just a taster of this glorious book vol 1, so head on over to the website below and put in an order, The Atari ST and the Creative People Vol 1 will be an awesome addition to your book library.

Links : 1) Source 2) Previous Kickstarter

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