Rubicon +4DGHF - Tough C64 cookie to crack is trainered by Hokuto Force

Here's a game many of you C64 owners have heard of especially as some would say it looks nice on the outside but highly repetitive on the inside, is Twisted Minds/21st Century Entertainment's C64 shooter ' Rubicon ', which has since been given the +4DGHF treatment by Hokuto Force (one of the most hated game by the crackers for its protections). Now in this game you play as a gun blasting hero who has to make his way through many levels inhabited by mutated creatures to not only survive, but to diffuse a nuclear reactor after a horrific incident in Russia.

Now if you haven't played the game before you would think that going by the lush graphics and great music above, this game would be highly praised and one everyone should have in their collection. But sadly as many others have said, even though it's a run n gun shooter with lots to shoot at, it pretty much becomes highly repetitive with doing the same thing over and over again. In fact one such person even went on to say "this is a Terrible Hawkeye variant and he would be pissed off if he purchased it at the full price!"

Still for a game that we would class as marmite, some love it, some hate it, it's pretty important to mention today, as Hokuto Force has not only cracked and released a trainer for the tape version but has also released the disk version fully deprotected, with an IFFL loader, HS Saver and a NTSC Fix! So all in all, this is a great day to be a C64 gamer!

Links 1) Tape 2) Disk

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