Sqrxz Anthology Compilation - There's lots of Sqrxzing going on in this Amiga/PC package

Right from the word go we've been featuring pretty much all of the Amiga releases of Retroguru's run and jump platformer called Sqrxz; a challenging game series which put you in control of a lovable Rabbit and featured plenty of platforming fun as you move blocks about, avoiding enemies and collecting food, ice marbles or even shiny rings, such as in Sqrxz 3, in which you had to free your girlfriend kidnapped by the evil Yve. This rather lovely gaming series as the Amiga versions, Sqrxz, Sqrxz 2: Two Seconds Until Death, Sqrxz 3: Adventure For Love and Sqrxz 4: Cold Cash has been packaged up via TheCompany.PL and can be played on the PC

If you're unsure as to this being a bad game or series then read our short review for the Amiga version of Sqrxz 3 in which we said. "Sqrxz is the most challenging and frustrating so far. That's not to say it's a bad game, far from it, but this little gem will constantly push you to the brink as every little run, hop and obstacle movement is met with spikes, traps and other such nasties before you even have a hope of collecting all the keys to rescue your loved one. What I do like the most however is the game has a lovely soundtrack, has precise controls, and with the recent Amiga release which only differs by background from the PC are the completely smooth frame rates"

If however you don't want to play this release, you can go to the main Retroguru website and check out all the other versions which pretty much run on as many systems as you can think of, even a Nintendo 3DS!

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