Alco-Copter - Puzzle based heli shooter for any Amiga +1MB Chip!

A lot of games to get through this evening for a Sunday bit of retro gaming, as we've been informed by Matthew Nolan, of the recent work in progress release of 'Alco-Copter' for the Amiga developed by our good friends Flashtro. Coming in as a multi-genre game with puzzle and shooting based elements, you control a helicopter that works purely on Alcohol that must complete each of the 6 preview levels without crashing into the sides or allowing your blood Alcohol level to drop too far.

The idea behind the game is simple, blast objects in your way, take out the electric beams blocking your path and reach the exit with a safe landing. The problem is not only is it a very challenging game to play as your alcohol level will need to be replenished with a bottle of booze, and your bullets can run out, but if you touch any parts of the game screen head on or too fast it's an instant death ( Something that will happen A LOT! ). Still with all that frustration, Alco-Copter is still a nice game to play and I'd recommend you give it a go at least once, with a bow of my head to anyone that can get past level 3.

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