KillerBees - Phillips G7000 game converted over to the Amiga by Gary James

Another awesome find by Per-Ola Eriksson and again related to the Amiga, is the recently released conversion of 'KillerBees' from the Phillips G7000 to the Amiga by Gary James 2017. Now this unusual game was first released way back in 1983 by Bob Harris and although not featuring high quality graphics ( it is an old game ), it is rather fun especially as playing as Killer Bee's you must sting invaders to death while also avoiding other enemy Bee's that are buzzing around you

As noted by the developer of this conversion, he has already done a ZX Spectrum port in 2014 and felt like this was a good project on the Amiga as a dabble in Blitz Basic. The game doesn't seem to work too well on Amiga 500's as it may be too slow, so the minimum requirements for now are a 68020 and Kickstart >1.3

Links 1) Discussion 2) Download

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