Star Cruiser II The Odysseus Project - Action role playing game for the PC-98 is fully translated

Another awesome heads up by our translation source Romhacking as they have said the action role playing game 'Star Cruiser II: The Odysseus Project ' published by Arsys for the PC-98, has been fully English translated by Nebulous Translations! First released in the mid 90's, Star Cruiser II was only ever released in Japan and is the sequel to Star Cruiser, which came out initially for PC-88 and was later ported to many other systems.

As said by the description and not from myself as I've not heard of this game nor played it on a PC-98. This game is very similar to its predecessor, but adds a few new twists, such as a turn-based system and point’n'click adventure segments. The game features exploration of solar systems with multiple characters, alien races, and plot points viewed entirely from a first-person perspective, with 3D polygon graphics which represent environments, trees, buildings, characters and other objects, including enemies.

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