Mystery World Dizzy - A 'new' old game by The Oliver Twins gets a NES Kickstarter

Throughout my childhood and into my adult life I've always had a fondness for that little adventuring egg called Dizzy, especially when he was first loaded up on to my Amstrad and then onwards to the Amiga and all the fan games that came thereafter. He brought into my life joy and wonder as thanks to the creators the Oliver Twins it was the only fairy tail that really mattered to me the most, ah the good ol' Yolkfolk! So if like me you were also a fan and celebrated the 30th Anniversary, you'll be pleased to know Chris Wilkins, behind The Story of The Oliver Twins has launched a NES Kickstarter for Mystery World Dizzy - A 'new' old game by The Oliver Twins!

Now some of you may remember the hugely popular announcement for Wonderland Dizzy, a Dizzy game found in the loft of a special breed of developers that needed a bit of magic to get on to your system, but Mystery World Dizzy was also revealed not long after and released as a fully playable online version, which yes even got a big review by us and yes we rather liked it. 

So why would we mention a game that was already released and playable? Well you'll be overjoyed to know if you love collecting NES carts and Wonderland Dizzy or Dreamworld Pogie wasn't enough, Chris Wilkins has launched a Kickstarter whereby the pledges and funds will go towards a limited one-off run of Mystery World Dizzy on a NES cart for fans across the world! Yes indeed, as the description states a typically great Dizzy adventure with very colorful graphics and some great music, will come to you boxed with an instruction manual, cart and a folded poster, just like in the NES game packages of old!

So if that interests you as it does me, make sure to give the Mystery World Dizzy Kickstarter a real kick up the eggy bum shell, as currently it still needs more pledges at £8,528 pledged of a £12,500 goal

Links : 1) Source 2) Fusion Retro Books ( AWESOME!! )

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