Sophia - A ZX Spectrum game for Halloween is now available

Even more Halloween goodness as we've come across another announcement on Facebook, that Alessandro Grussu's game of ' Sophia ', has been released for the ZX Spectrum and is available for all to play right now! This game which was developed using Arcade Game Designer puts you in control of a little master wizard called Sophia, on a mission to save the empire from destruction and humanity from enslavement.

As we said before Sophia is inspired by classics such as Cybernoid, Equinox and Druid, and features 4 levels of enjoyment, 85 different themed screens, 20 different enemy sprites, 5 tunes, a final boss fight and an actual end of game sequence. Do note however the game has been designed for models with 128k of ram, but can run (without AY sound) on a 48K/+ ZX Spectrum equipped with Beta Disk/Plus D/DivIDE/DivMMC interfaces....

Please note I was hoping to do a review of this game but due to time constraints I'm unable to!

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