EGGHEAD Goes to Town - An exclusive look at Jonathan Cauldwell's new ZX Spectrum game

It wasn't long ago that we told you of Chris Wilkins newest Kickstarter for The Crash 2018 Annual; A revival of the classic ZX Spectrum Crash magazine, wrapped up in the guise of a Christmas annual, with a brand new Oliver Frey Christmas cover! Well after a big success raising £46,990 and a number of people receiving Crash Mugs already, we have an exclusive look at EGGHEAD Goes to Town; a brand new ZX Spectrum game by Jonathan Cauldwell, which was listed as one of the support pledges in the Kickstarter!

Now featuring music by Yerzmyey with loading screen by Graham Richards, EGGHEAD is another Eggy game in a series of games which began all those years ago in the 90's on Crash Powertapes by the same creator of Jonathan Cauldwell, who is also behind the ZX Spectrum software Arcade Game Designer. Unlike all those years ago however, in this version EGGHEAD is on a mission to find the pieces of a Crash magazine which have been blown around town after being left carelessly on a pub garden table, with the writers getting drunk inside the pub.

So what's the game like and is it any good? Well if you've played Jet Set Willy, Manic Miner or any games that require timed jumps with the avoidance of different moving enemies at different speeds then this game is pretty much that. It's a game whereby you need to collect pieces of paper through multiple levels while also avoiding things such as Apples, Horse Shoes, Mine Carts and even Ghosts, while also trying not to fall too far to the platform below. ( You'll splatter on the screen! )

EGGHEAD Goes to Town is a lovely game indeed, I love all the different themed levels as if you were walking about the Town, with a Stables, Beer Garden, Market Place and even the Haunted House. I really like the layouts as well, that although require timing, don't make it impossible to complete to the point of throwing a keyboard out of the window in just the first screen.

The game also has a lovely soundtrack by Yerzmyey, but the only issue I found with this is the point that coming in to the levels don't always play any music. So I'd leave, come back, leave come back and then it would play again. Other than that, that's the only issue ( if it is an issue? ) that I could find, as the game is a joy to play and you'll really like it when it arrives through your front door!

Links : 1) Kickstarter 2) Buy Now

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