HEROES OF GORLUTH - From the creators of Tales of Gorluth comes a new Amiga platformer!

Now if you've not heard of AmiWorx, they were behind Tales of Gorluth and Tales of Gorluth II; two great action adventure games which featured hours of game play, great colour graphics,exciting quests and more than 40 pieces of music that made them both a great experience to play. Well the same team have decided to go away from that original game style, and have announced the next game as a spin off with an Action RPG platformer 'HEROES OF GORLUTH'!

Looking like a cross between an old school Amiga platformer and Castlevania, HEROES OF GORLUTH will be coming to an ECS AMIGA 68020 near you as either a boxed Amiga CD32 version, CD-Rom and or Digital Download. It will once again feature great graphics but will instead also feature player sprite animations, a new in game progress map, and lots more to make this a game worthy of a purchase priced at 15 eur. Another interesting bit of information to add to this announcement is the latest development video of a first level test, which can be viewed below.

For those of you want to buy this game you can do so and pre-order it, as the latest release date is currently for December 2018, so yes a long way to go yet!

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