Iceblox Plus - Charming little puzzle game ported to the C64

It's not often we get mobile games ported over to old retro computers but today Karl Hornell released his cute homebrew puzzle game Iceblox Plus for the C64! This game was originally designed for the Sony Ericsson T300 with later ports to other phones such as the Nokia series and Sharp GX10. This week however the game made an appearance on the C64, however the developer did say it was a bit of challenge as everything needed to be redesigned to accommodate the limitations of the platform. And it had to be programmed in 6502 assembly language.

Featuring the music of of M.D. Smit, Iceblox Plus is a lovely little game for the C64. It suits everyone of all ages and the levels of the game increase in difficulty as not to be too much of a challenge from the get go.All you have to do, is to break all the ice blocks with coins to win the level, and extra points can be awarded for pushing the ice blocks over the flames, which can also burn you into a skeleton if touched. So give it a go today, it's cute and it's FUN!

Links : 1) Source  2) CSDb ( Trainers from Genesis Project, Laxity and Hokuto Force are available )

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