THE ADVENTURES OF JANE JELLY: THE EGG DIAMOND - Jaime Grilo's third game in the Jane Jelly ZX trilogy

The ZX Spectrum scene has really been busy this week, what with the release of ZXombies Dead Flesh, Mighty Final Fight, HARBINGER 2 – THE VOID, Jet Set 40-40 and an early tease of David Clarke's new game Impossabubble. But this time we are looking towards Jaime Grilo's third game in the Jane Jelly trilogy, with THE ADVENTURES OF JANE JELLY: THE EGG DIAMOND, which was released today!

Developed using Arcade Game Designer and AGDMusicizer II, THE ADVENTURES OF JANE JELLY: THE EGG DIAMOND once again puts you in the boots of Jane Jelly, the young treasure hunter on a mighty quest through dangerous levels filled with nasty baddies. This time however she's on a mission to the Badass Guy Island to find the Egg Diamond! Will she reach the boat with the Egg Diamond, or will she be forever climbing ladders with all her clothes off?

Jane Jelly 3 is a far advanced game compared to its prequels, the loading screen by Andy Green and Jamie Ball is very well done, the graphics and levels are much more appealing with fonts by Paul Van Der Laan, the character designs look better, a lot more effort has been put into the UI screen, and what really blew me away was the stunning soundtrack by Yerzmyey which really went into high gear when Jane ends up in Jail. So if you've got the time give this game a go, it's another fab game for 2018.

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