The CRPG Book Update 19 - 528 pages of classic RPG goodness including images!

Throughout my youth I've always been an RPG gamer, I used to love playing games such as Dungeon Master, Lands of Lore, Albion or even the later style of Fallout, Baldurs Gate and Dark Messiah. Especially when I get to read a grand story of the adventures ahead, while choosing my own legendary hero to battle demon like foes and the hunt for lost treasures. There's just so many RPG's I've played and enjoyed, that it's also why I'm mentioning this latest announcement of 'The CRPG Book', which has 528 pages of highly detailed write ups about the games, including a mass load of RPG images.

Now you'd expect this book to be a crowd funding campaign because it's so big and packed, but not so! As the CRPG Book Project via a PDF file, is a collaborative, nonprofit project that aims to compile the history of Computer Role-Playing Games into a handy book, written by fans all over the world. This book was put together as a pool of knowledge by the fans, showing us a highly detailed and descriptive database of great classics and obscure titles, that most of us remember, or possibly have never heard of. It would almost be described as the definitive guide to all that is CRPG, and more so if you include the rather large list of images found in the main album, which includes games such as Ambermoon, Amberstar, and even my favourite Anvil of Dawn. So head on over to the links below and check it out, you'll probably be back later this week after reading it all!

Across its 528 pages you’ll find information about over 400 RPGs, from the early PLATO games to modern AAA releases, as well as hidden gems, curiosities and even fan-translations. The reviews were written by a team of 112 volunteers from all around the globe – fans, modders, journalists, critics, indies and AAA developers.

Links : 1) Source ( Please see website for a more detailed write up ))

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