C64 Roundup Weekly - New games, and early game pics, just another week on the C64

Welcome to a slightly late weekly roundup.  The good news is the extra delay has allowed us to announce the awesome new cartridge release of MAH (RGCD).  Also we've seen 2 brand new C64 game releases from The New Dimension and Picaro Games.  Reset's Craptastic games competition gets under way, and we've spotted a couple of early teaser graphics from future C64 games.

1. Quad Core - New Game from TND

First up is a cracking puzzle game from Richard Bayliss and The New Dimension.  It's available now for free, download it from the links below.  The game includes 32 levels as well as a level editor, so infinite replay value!.  I've created a level too, which you can play if you can also download in the links section.  Turn off the coloured squares and save the world! 

2.  Fart Escape - New Game from Picaro Games

Another cool new game, released last Friday is Fart Escape by Picaro Games.  It's similar to flappy birds, but you must use your fart power to fly and avoid the bouncing balls.  But be careful, too much gas and your butt might explode! This is another cool game, perfect for quick plays, and hilariously funny death animations.  Check it out below.

3. Rescuing Orc - Cartridge Edition early peek!

Poly.Play, publishers of @reidrac's awesome game from last year: "Rescuing Orc" have given us a quick peak of the shiny cartridge version which is available to pre-order now.  Anyone looking to increase their C64 cart collections should definitely not miss out on this!.  

4.  MAH - RGCD Cartridges OUT NOW

RGCD announced today that Cartridges for Retream's awesome new arcade/puzzle/shooter are now in stock.  Get them while they last!  I received the disk today version from Protovision, which is a glorious boxed disk edition, and you can also check out me streaming this game last week over at my Twitch channel (Links below).

6. Khaos Sphere - Early glimpse at Galencia sequal

@JasonNapalm posted a demo of his scrolling routine with background graphics and fancy border debugging for his Kickstarter sequel to last year's Galencia.  Follow the twitter for more updates!
7. Sizzler - Trevor Story update

@smilastorey posted an update for forthcoming Zzap Kickstarter perk game: Sizzler.  A new map is 2/3 complete, as well as a running jumping game engine.  Those graphics look immense!
News Just In!

Marvin Hardy has posted a 1.0.2 preview of his upcoming C64 game: "Snow" Featuring everyone's favourite badass Nights Watchman.  Marvin has been publicly sharing updates to his work in progress first every assembly game for C64 and the results are looking quite amazing for a first proper game.

This version includes the following changes:
  • Added level timer (90 sec count down)
  • Game Over text moved up
  • Player jump adjusted
  • Remove enemy health icon on gameover
  • Adjust level intro layout
  • Fireballs slowed down
  • Pause and auto return to title on gameover
  • Pause and auto return to title on stage clear
  • New clear screen routine
  • Player health moved to top of screen
  • Platforms made deeper
  • Title sword fixed (from part disappearing)
Download link below.

Honourable Mentions:
  • A new Rob Plays - This week Rob is playing Solar Fox, an early Commodore cartridge release from 1983.   The game looks like a solid static screen shooter with puzzle elements.  Fitting nicely with this week's brand new C64 physical release: MAH.  Rob's videos are always worth a watch.  Check out RobC on Patreon.
  • @ausretrogamer posted a reminder that Reset Magazine's 4KB Craptastic games competions is open now.  So get coding those crappy games! https://twitter.com/ausretrogamer/status/971139361281462272
That's all for this week folks.  If you've got a C64 news story you'd like covered in the weekly roundups, please DM me at @hayes_maker on twitter or email: andygoestohollywood@gmail.com.  All the links are at the bottom of the page, and Keep it C64!

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