Mini Swat Demo - Top down shooter teased for the Amiga

First day of the week and already the games are coming thick and fast, as after already mentioning a great NES game to come, we've recently had word about a new demo for the Amiga as ' Mini Swat ', which is being developed by Jojo073 with music by Estrayk. Unlike previous games made with backbone you'll be pleased to know this demo is a top down shooter that was also made using Deluxe paint and Protracker!

In this demo you play as a single soldier in the Swat team, and must make your way through multiple rooms dealing a short painful death to any bad guys you come across, to save the hostages who need rescuing. Mini Swat Demo features a cool little tune and nicely detailed rooms filled with bookcases, tables, chairs, paved floors and more!

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Links : 1) Source 2) Demo

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