Romhacking Spotlight - Mario Land, Turtles and Balloon Fight!

Welcome to the first installation of Indie Retro News Romhacking Spotlight! There are a lot of hacked rom files out there and new hacks gets released every week and it's very easy to miss some really amazing hacks. So I decided to create this segment to spotlight some of those hidden gems that might have passed under the radar.

Some hacks might be smaller tweaks that somehow improve the original game and other hacks might change so much that it feels like a completely new game. In any case I really recommend all these hacks presented here in the Romhacking Spotlight and I will be linking you to the patch files that in most cases will be hosted on If you have any romhacks to recommend that are worth mentioning in future updates then feel free to leave a comment here in the post :)

Super Mario Land Graphics Hack (GameBoy)

This is just a graphics hack for the original Super Mario Land for the Game Boy, but wow this is how that game should have looked! Almost everything is changed, from the menu at the top to the backgrounds and sprites. If you are a fan of the first Mario game for the original Game Boy and are planning to play it again, then I would recommend trying out this beautiful graphics hack. The romhack was created by Arne Niklas Jansson back in 2013, you can find more information about this hack with screenshots, patch file and also a very nice color palette that you can use and its all available on Arnes website.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project – Weapon Select (Nes)


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project is in my opinion the best Turtles game for the Nes. Its essentially TMNT The Arcade game but with better graphics, levels and every turtle now got a personal special move! The special moves is vastly different depending on what turtles you choose. They are all fun but the only way to change the special move is to wait until all your lives are gone and then you can change your character. Until now! This very cool hack makes it possible to change weapons and that also changes the special move and you can do this on the fly by just pressing the select button toggling through all the characters. Great game and a great hack!

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Board Fight (Nes)


Board Fight is without a doubt the best hack out there for Balloon Fight! The hack started as a collaborative hack from the boards at (hence the name of the hack) where users could contribute to the hack with there own level designs. The creator Quick Curly did an amazing job with this hack implementing all the submitted maps with different sprites. Not only does this hack feature new levels it also surpasses the original game with a total of 16 levels instead of the original that only had 12. And the best thing about this hack is that Quick Curly managed to remove those annoying bonus levels that I think really interrupting the normal flow of game-play. This hack is really fun and challenging, so find a friend and try to complete all 16 levels if you can!

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