Chip Bit Day 2018 - Annual music festival banging away chiptunes 28th April!

Very short notice this one as we've only just come across it in our spam box, but we've recently been told that as from next Saturday 28th April, the annual music festival of 'Chip Bit Day 2018' will be held in Manchester as a dedication to a unique music community & genre know as ‘Chiptune’. If you don't know where Chip Bit Day comes from, they have told us it stems from the blog “Chip Bit Sid” - set up in 2015 - which features weekly reviews about chiptune music and artists. The blog had hit one year on the scene in 2016 and a celebratory event was in order: Chip Bit Day was born and the rest is history.

Chip Bit Day is a major event that in its third year and has seen the likes of popular chiptune artists such as Euan Lynn, Kojin, GwEm, Auracle, xX Critical Strike Xx, Mpegasus, Kenobit, 2xAA, J3WEL and HarleyLikesMusic. In regards to this year it will be far bigger and far better as not only will it be hitting the Zombie Shack, but the stage will be set for some of the greatest of Chiptune artists from around the globe.

List Continues :

Please Lose Battle [FR]

A 3 piece band from France consisting of NES, Drums, Bass & Visuals. They create an interesting style complete with a visual ensemble for an extra element of amaze.

Tekmann [SWE]

An artist hailing all the way from Visby, Gotland, Tekmann boasts a load hand crafted instruments as well lit gear.

Robkta Music [IT]

Hailing from Italy Robkta produces VGM infused beats complete with a funky attitude.

Starving GOGO [IT]

Another dude from Italy, Starving GOGO creates zany, crazy tunes using solely one gameboy on LSDJ. Prepared to be mesmerised!

x Critical Strike x [UK]

Having played the first Chip Bit Day back in 2016, Critical Strike is back with his powerpop melodies and high octane fun! From Japan to Demark, Critical Strike has been constantly touring bringing with him his amazing presence, and it’s great to bring him back. Mpegasus [UK]

Another veteran of CBD, Mpegasus has always put on an amazing gig, bringing funky tunes and quirky covers. His performance this year will be his best yet!

Kojin [UK]

Equipped with a Gameboy Advance hooked up to a drum machine, Kojin creates dancey beast whilst experimenting with various different hardware.

Grizzly Cogs [FR]

From Lille, France, Grizzly Cogs creates upbeat funky electronic music, chiptune & soundtracks.

Circuitbird [UK]

A big musician in the VGM scene, and this year she’ll be playing on the mega drive, thrashing out original tracks as well as covers

Tickets are priced at £10 and can be found at: ( LINK ) or @ChipBitDay to stay updated

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