Extreme Wolfenstien v4 - An enhancement mod for modern FPS gamers

Considering how many people loved our article in relation Ion Maiden; the work in progress first person shooter that uses the famous Build engine from 3D Realms, and Wolfenstein 3DGE, a faithful reinterpretation of the classic Wolfenstein 3D. We've found another Wolfenstein mod you might like, and this one is called Extreme Wolfenstien v4; a rather cool gameplay enhancement mod for modern gamers.

As such this fine classic has been given a bit of a kick up the ass to make the game feel more intense and precarious. The enemies are stronger, smarter and better equipped, they have more variety, so the same enemy might not be around the next corner, boss levels have been tweaked with mini-bosses and different items. The arsenal has increased dramatically with such powerful weapons as a flamethrower or rocket-launcher, AND you can even kick enemies with a swift kick with the alt-fire key ( Duke Nukem ).

As for the latest version available this week, its code has been completely re-written, there are some new map-based enhancements, new graphics for all weapons, dual-wielded MP40s, a richer palette, a few new enemies, more guard variations, and much, much more.

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