Sizzler - Upcoming C64 game by Argus creators looks awesome!

Most of you are already aware by now Chris Wilkins of Fusion Retro Books is running a successful Kickstarter campaign regarding his latest retro goodness of the ZZap! 64 Annual 2019. However in that campaign was a game called 'Sizzler' which is currently being developed for the C64 by the same people behind Argus, such as Stuart Collier, Trevor Storey and Saul Cross. So why are we talking about it? Well the team behind the game have published the latest gameplay trailer on Youtube!

According to the team, the story goes that Mik3 the tribot has always dreamed of creating a game like his heroes from the past. A  Commodore 64 game with great graphics and wonderful SID music. After a few failed attempts he decides it’s now or never. So you must help Mik3 roam the rooms of the developers offices and find as much code, art, music and ideas as you can then take them to Stu the programer, Trev the artist, Saul the musician and Kenz in the duplicator room. Then finally take your finished game to ZZap Towers and try your best to get a ZZap Sizzler award from Roger, Jaz and the team. Fame or utter failure await you in this epic quest

Sizzler certainly looks like a very nice game indeed which is well worth supporting through the Kickstarter, but if you don't want to support the Kickstarter you can sit back and wait, as they have also said it will get a separate release by Psytronik at some point in the near future.

Links :1) Kickstarter 2) Psytronik

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