Super Mario Bros demo'd on the Amiga using Redpill

Possibly the last post for today and one I think may interest you, is the very early development of Super Mario Brothers for the Commodore Amiga. Announced through our email thanks to a heads up by Zbigniew 'Saberman' ZieliƄski, this work in progress demo was one of the more recent projects teased using the THE AMIGA GAME CREATOR 'RedPill', which as of this April had moved into an Alpha state.

From the look of the video you can certainly see that it's in an alpha state, but putting that aside it does at least have music, the character can be moved, the game scrolls and you can jump and squash enemies. It just a shame from the video it looks a little jittery, but not as bad as if it was developed using Backbone.

Links 1:) Facebook  2) RedPill Website 3) Download ( Available in the EAB Zone )

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