C64 Roundup Weekly #9 - New releases, new devs, new cracks, new C64 roundup! (Knight Lore and more!)

Welcome to Roundup Weekly #9 

I've been a bit busy, and then I got ill, so I've not been able to do any roundups for a while. This week has seen some cracking new releases and exciting C64 news. We've covered the Zzap Annual to death, so won't mention that again (But please please back it if you haven't already, it will be AMAZING!

Flappy Typing - Ludum Dare Game Jam entry from Frodewin is Flappin' great

Ludum Dare is one the world's largest and longest running game jams. Games can be entered into the jam if it fits the jam's theme, and created in 72 hours. Or you can enter the competition (described as "hard mode"). Where the game must be created in less than 48 hours. Frodewin has created a C64 game for the competition, with the theme: "Combine two incompatible genres". The result is "Flappy Typing", a flappy bird inspired gravity game combined with typing game. So within the space of 48 hours Frodewin created a brand new C64 game from scratch. It's bare bones in terms of title screens, but it plays really well for such a hastily constructed game. Like any good Flappy bird game, it's really tough, but It works well. It's not too tough to make it unplayable. I reached level 3 without too much effort, and I'm sure I will beat that when I play the game live on my Twitch channel for tonight's "First Play Friday". You can play the game on the web based emulator at itch.io website: https://frodewin.itch.io/flappy-typing, or download it for play in vice or hardware. For more on Ludum Dare and this game submission page: see the links below.

Knight Lore - Ultimate Play The Game's seminal isometric adventure getting C64 Port.

Great news this week, as Emu's been making progress with his port of the ZX Spectrum's seminal isometric adventure: Knight Lore. Discussion on Lemon64 suggests the port is runnable with all menus and night day cycle running. The game still has a while to go before release ready and extra features are being considered. For example switchable colour schemes between C64 enhanced and original monochrome. The same sprite blitting techniques used to optimise Emu's Pentagram port. Be sure to follow the Lemon 64 posting here for all the latest news on the porting, and send your love and high fives to Emu... I count two marriage proposals on the forum so far!.

Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe - Brand new physical release hits the shelves.

It's always a good day when a C64 cartridge drops through the letter box, and today I received a brand new one... This is Sydney Hunter's first showing on C64. Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe looks like a Montezuma revenge inspired arcade adventure, so looks like they'll be lots of exploring levels, platforms, puzzles and enemies. I'll be playing the game live this evening, so feel free to check that out if you want to see some first play gameplay live.

Chilly Willy - Cool new Hokuto Force release 

Chilly Willy is a fun top down action puzzler with roaming enemies from 1984 by Aardvark Software. It plays similar to a single player Bomberman. The idea is to push the ice blocks into the roaming enemies in order to clear out mazes, with bonus points available for clearing levels fast, and moving the diamond blocks next to each other. The game had a number of bugs, most noticeably improper clearing of memory between levels which Zaphod & Brataccas patched and fixed alongside new features such as high score saver and PAL title music correction. This is the first proper fix for the game in 2 player mode, and another fine Hokuto Force team effort. And a cool game too!

Honourable Mentions:

Maddy (MsMadLemon) Unboxing and gameplay of Sam's Journey - The only thing better than a Sam's Journey gameplay video is actually playing it. This got uploaded today, so definitely check this out and subscribe if you're not already.
Rotteroy of Megastyle and Protovision has announced a new team member... Which can only mean one thing: More C64 games! We can't wait to see what these great developers produce together.

Protovision new stock: Speaking of Sam's Journey and Protovision, they announced this week that all their most recent releases are back in stock. So anyone who was waiting to get their hands on Sam's Journey, Galencia, The Bear Essentials or Rescuing Orc just needs to head over to their store page.
source (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/protovision64/posts/1640199282743412

Also don't miss Commodore Format's weekly news, as they also have some exciting news to share, including an exclusive interview which I cannot possibly say any more about! Just head over to their blog and wait for the announcement or subscribe to their Patreon if you can. Commodore Format Blog: https://commodoreformat.wordpress.com/


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