Worthy - Upcoming Amiga OCS action/puzzler by PixelGlass gets a worthy update ;)

Another day and more retro gaming news as PixelGlass, the same company behind this years soon to debut Amiga game AlarCity, have just posted a big feature update with a number of screenshots for their upcoming Amiga OCS Action Puzzler 'Worthy' , which is planned to be released as a budget, commercial release by Pixelglass at some point soon in 2018!

According to TSAK who posted the update via the EAB forums ' Worthy ' is not far off complete, as all the game graphics are done, the game features are finished, the sound effects are at 100%, animation intros and outros are all ready, there's 40 challenging levels, a big final boss battle is in and there's even menus and peripheral stuff! Although as a down side music still needs to be completed, as well as a final overhaul/redecoration using their new expanded tileset with extensive testing for the final build and ironing out any occurring issues.

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