PENULTIMATE+ CARTRIDGE VIC-20 - The ultimate gaming cartridge for your VIC-20!

VIC-20 owners we hear your cry, you want something more for your system. Well have we found the best thing for you! As of this moment you can buy the PENULTIMATE+ CARTRIDGE; a cartridge which doesn't just feature a 3-35K selectable memory expansion, but 70+ incredible built in roms such as the exclusive Cheese and Onion, Pentagorat and the very latest game of Rodman by our good friend Misfit!

But wait there's more, as apart from other games such as Bertie the Ball, Bolderdan, Fast Boy, Super Starship Space Attack, Alien Sidestep, Attack of the Mutant Camels, and Amok. With a press of one simple key, you can boot to your SD2IEC and load 1000's more for hours and hours worth of great entertainment! So head on over to the website now as for the price of £67.99 all of this could be yours!

( If you're wondering, ALL of Misfit's previous VIC-20 games are here too )

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