Saboteur 3 - Long awaited follow up by Clive Townsend is coming!

The original Saboteur is a bit legendary. Not only was it one of the best, and most expansive, games on the Speccy, C64 and CPC, but it also had the most balls to the wall awesome cover art literally ever.

I have this poster by my desk at work. I find it more inspirational than a million 'Hang in There Kitty' posters. I mean, lookit this guy. If our Ninja here doesn't look focused I don't know what does; and talk about multi-tasking? He's not even looking at that poor rent-a-cop he's booting in the face as he sprays the room with gunfire whilst tossing a grenade into the background. This is a busy man.

For a little more info on the original classic, our very own @florinthedwarf did an excellent review here. There's also the damn good sequel with cover art that pushed the boat out even more. I can just hear the pitch to the artist... "We loved the hyper-intense Ninja from the last game but this time WE NEED MORE PANTHER and would it kill you to throw in a Kawasaki? It is a Ninja after all."

So we've only had to wait like three decades for a follow up and finally it's here with original creator Clive Townsend's cool as fook looking new game Saboteur 3 SiO. The Trailer has just hit and first impressions are good with the emphasis this time looking like it's more on the fighting action.

Let's just hope they continue their tradition of making balls-to-the-wall kick-ass cover art. I want a poster of our Ninjoid riding a frigging dinosaur in space whilst brandishing a gun that shoots swords.

Christmas Milling is over on Twitter @GamesInBits where he works hard to make games that are even half as good as The Saboteur.

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