Dizzy and the Mystical Letter - A new Dizzy game for the ZX Spectrum 128k + TR-DOS

If you are a fan of the Dizzy games by the Oliver Twins or want a fun little adventure to play, then come and check out hippiman's new Dizzy Russian fan game called ' Dizzy and the Mystical letter' developed for the ZX Spectrum 128k with TR-DOS. This game with music by Gogin, puts you in control of the lovable character Dizzy in a brand new adventure revolving around a letter addressed to Dizzy.

According to the creator Dizzy and the Mystical Letter isn't a grand game nor is the complexity very high, but he does go on to say the game does contain logical riddles, a few arcade elements and it stars the Yolkfolk. Do note the game can be played by English speaking members, but many of the rooms are in Russian.

UPDATE : English version released

Links :1) Download 2) Discussion 3) English

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