RGCDs Conga Combat for C64 + 27 more minigames released today - Huge 4KB compo update

UPDATE: Please note this article was originally written to cover just one game as 28 games were labelled as Coming soon on Reset's itch.io page and in the comments they said it would be 1-2 weeks for them, whilst this game had already been released.  It was only after I published this draft that those pesky Aussies decided to drop all 28 right away to beat the crackers.

To see all the game entries covered in detail, please follow my Twitch stream.  Monday evening (7-8PM BST) I will show them all off live!

Since @paulko64 announced that the new 4kb C64 game he's been working on would drop at some point this weekend, I've basically made sure I've taken my phone, laptop and 8bitdo bluetooth gamepad everywhere I go, in case the game got released while I was out so I'd still be able to play it.  When home (and supposed to be working) I'd be refreshing his twitter every now and again so I wouldn't miss the tweet:

Last night I got an announcement on itcho.io that the Reset Magazine's 4kb competition compilation was being released... I got excited that it could be downloaded already, but it was a false alarm, and the download link is currently *Coming Soon*.

Reset confirmed the full compilation of entries would be available on itch.io in one or two weeks. No worries, back to refreshing Paul's Twitter...
The game I'm talking about is Conga4096 - it's a full blown Steam game: Pan Dimensional Conga Combat (RGCD 2018) - demade for the Commodore 64 and squeezed into a tiny 4KB. A few hours ago it finally came. You can get it for free from CSDB and not even the cracking groups have slapped their cracktros on top of the 4096 bytes yet. (UPDATE: Excess and Triad since got their cracks uploaded, and are busy gloating in the comments over who was first :facepalm:).  Anyway get the pure version so you don't have to load their annoying screens before getting stuck into the action!

So far I've clocked 13.3k as my high score, and I want to get this article finished ASAP to beat that score.  On Steam I've been utterly trounced by @Roysterini's high score of the original game... So I'm hoping to bait him into a high score battle on the C64 version.  Feel free to join the fun!

If you're not familiar with the original, you control a small craft with a snake style "bullet trail" (your primary weapon). Maneuver your craft and bullet trail around the screen and try to lure the enemies into it to destroy them.  It sounds easy but it isn't, as you progress, more and more critters appear.  Special purple cross enemies appear every now and again, which cant be destroyed by your bullet trail, but damaging them powers up your super beam.  When charged you can discharge a powerful beam for a second, which can wipe out those enemies which your tail cannot.  Killing more of those purple dudes with your super beam in a single blast, will give you a score bonus.   Level changes are marked by the ever changing and charmingly animated background graphics.

So far I can report, that the game plays faithfully to the original's Survival Mode, you just have to defeat everything that comes at you for as long as possible, to attain a high score.  Even the music is charming and the game features sound effects too.

If you want to download the game from CSDB, Chrome recently blacklisted many download sites as dangerous. CSDB is one of them, so if like me you're browser is blocking the download from CSDB, please follow the instructions here for Chrome https://superuser.com/questions/387724/how-to-disable-download-scanning-protection-of-new-chrome-17,

Also if you have a few quid spare, definitely check out the awesome PC version from RGCD. Available on Steam (Windows only) https://store.steampowered.com/app/512680/PanDimensional_Conga_Combat/

Now I've just smashed my high score! 16.6k points now... beat that everybody!

UPDATE: This article was originally supposed to just cover the release of Conga4096, but before it went live Reset64 released all 28 competition entries over on itch.io. So I'm editing the title to announce all entries and make clear to the other entrants that I only had time to cover one game today.  Get all the games in the itch.io link below.

Article by @hayesmaker64
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